Beach, Sun, Investment

Zumbi Beach is the ideal location for those who enjoy tranquility and Nature. It is located just 60 km north of the city of Natal and 35 km from the new airport, opening very soon.

The climate of Natal (the city known as “bride of the sun”) is a gift from Nature. Here the sun shines all year round, it blows a cool breeze from the ocean and the temperature is ideal, it is never cold nor too hot.

It is in this area of unique beauty that the condominiums Recanto Zumbi, Praia de Zumbi and Zumbi Beach Resort are located, all by the sea.

Surrounded by an exceptional landscape, and where tranquility is a granted gift, the condominiums are also served by their own means of transport for the owners to move easily to the airport or to the nearest cities, such as Touros, Natal or Maracajaú (a paradise for diving/snorkeling).

Zumbi Beach is also an investment opportunity. For more comfort and return on your investment, it is suggested, optionally, all the furniture and equipment of the chalets and apartments, as well as an optional contract of management of rental and maintenance of the property with guaranteed return.

With the taking place in Natal of the World Cup in 2014, the Praia de Zumbi will become not only a holiday destination with an exceptional climate, but also one of the best investment opportunities in the State of Rio Grande do Norte.


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